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Welcome to Glen Rathlin

What is Glen Rathin? We are a SCA shire covering the Province Ulster on the island of Ireland. We are mostly centred around Belfast and its surrounding areas but open to everyone in our catchment areas, holding events province-wide throughout the year.

Glen Rathlin is a part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an international historical selective recreation group covering history up to 1600AD. For a list of all up and coming events and practices plus details when and where they are, click here.

Practices cancelled due to Covid 19
& Travel Restrictions
Up coming Event:
Midsummer Coronation
Next Practice:
Fencing Practice
Every Thursday

What we do?

Our Unicorn 'Rockall' Archery: Ever see yourself as Robin Hood with a medieval bow. We hold a number of different archery shoots thoughout the year which includes a 'William Tale' shoot were you have to shoot an apple off a mananquin's head, speed rounds, distance shoots and much much more which are shot with wooden arrows and medieval bows.
Renaissance Fencing: Also known as rapier combat, participants use real metal blades (but blunted). Unlike modern fencing, SCA fencing is done "in-the-round", and combatants can fight in close with their opponents. Fencers can face each other in one-on-one in tournaments, or in large melee battles with dozens or even hundreds on a side. Our Unicorn 'Rockall'
Our Unicorn 'Rockall' Armoured Combat: Also know as 'heavy combat' in the SCA, it resembles medieval foot tournaments. Combatants can face each other in single combat in tournaments, or can take part in large melee battles or wars. Since we prefer that no one gets hurt, SCA combatants wear real armor and use rattan swords.
Medieval Arts & Sciences: Why not try your hand at one of the many arts and sciences of the medieval times, whether is it is calligraphy, cooking, leather working, brewing, dancing, music, wood working, costuming, embroidery, book binding, armouring, etc there is something to interest everyone. Our Unicorn 'Rockall'
Our Unicorn 'Rockall' Feasting, Dancing and Merrymaking: The big activity in the SCA is our events - the opportunity for us to put on our medieval clothing, cook and serve the recipes we've been researching, dance the dances we've been practicing, socialize, heavy fighting, fencing, archery, art & sciences, indoor games, royal courts and generally have a good time. You can find a variety of SCA events taking place almost every weekend of the year, including: Tournaments, coronations, masked balls, wars, and much more.

To find out more or to get involded please contact us

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