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Fencing Practice
Divis Community Centre, Belfast
Every Thursday nights at 8:15pm

Join us and try your hand at Historical Fencing where we recreate the Medieval and Renaissance art of fighting with swords, working from the actual fighting manuals of the period.  Beginners are always welcome.

What weapons do we fence with?
The rapier, a long thrusting weapon fashionable in the time of Shakespeare. Rapier practice also involves a range of secondary weapons used in the off-hand – the dagger, buckler (small shield), cloak or even two swords!

Unlike modern fencing the swords we use for free play have the weight, balance and handling properties of historical examples, unlike the very light and whippy blades used in Olympic fencing. Also while sports fencers are restricted to a narrow strip or ‘piste’, and rules which limit target areas and ‘right-of-way’, in historical fencing you can move freely around your opponent, strike whenever or wherever you want to and use your off hand to grab their blade. We also do melees or group combat.

Day: Every Thursday
Time: 8.15pm to 9:30pm
Site: Divis Community Centre, Ardmoulin St, Belfast BT12 4RT
Getting to the site
Cost: £3 per Practice
First practice is **FREE**

What to bring:
Any SCA fencing equipment and armour you may have. Should you not have done SCA fencing before and don't own any; please ensure that you bring suitable footwear and a long sleeved top with no openings and bottoms that don't leave any exposed skin. Also good if you can bring gloves (most people start off with a set of long gardening gloves). We will have some loaner armour and swords to get you started with until you get your own.
Should you have any questions please feel free to contact;